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Amulets and Charms

The Naturals

"Etruscan Vermeil" ™

16" Chain: CH6133 $187.00

Amulet: A437 $212.00

Earrings: E842 $205.00
Necklace: N223 16" $250.00 and up,
32" $410.00 and up

Amulet: A594 $300 and up
Mixed pastel pearls with moonstone beads.
Chain: CH6069 16" - $198.00

Amulet: A462 $252.00 and up.

White and peacock freshwater pearls.

Necklace: N1099 33" $610.00
Silver cluster pearls with Peacock pearl amulet.
Necklace: N324 $920.00
Sterling Silver, Labradorite twited beads with gold and silver leafed crystal heart amulet.
Necklace: N1088 $400.00
Moss green, peanut shaped pearls.

(Removable) Amulet A463 $252.00 +
Moss green and peacock freshwater pearls.

Earrings: E852 $185.00
Peacock pearls with petals.
Amulet with Pendant: A457 $190.00
Coptic Cross

Chains: From $160.00 and up
(Chain shown is a 30" doubled)
Amulet (alone) A595 $710.00
Mossy pink agate with faceted citrine and faceted peacock pearl.

(Can be worn with Pearl Necklace N1123 as shown above)
Left: A422 $99.00
Balinese ornate cross.

Chain: CH6015 $140.00
24" medium link Puffed Marina chain.

Right: A409 $350.00 and up
Cross of agate, pearls, carnelian

Chain: CH6017 $97.00
30" small link Puffed Marina chain.
Amulet: A436 $192.00
Peacock cultured pearl with Bali beads.

Chain: CH6054 $172.00
17" Balinese chain.
Left Charm: C527 $110.00
"Token of Love"

Right Charm: C452 $99.00
"Sun Charm"
Top Row left to right:
C489 "Snowflake" $84.00
C487 "Snowbunnie" $95.00
C452 "Sun Charm" $99.00

Middle Row left to right:
C495 "Snowboarder" $88.00
C500 "Ski Boot" $99.00
C488 "Pine Cone" $99.00

Bottom Row:
C492 "Ice Skate: $86.00

All charms have a 10-12 mm ring in order to fit over most pearl necklaces and chains.

Also available:
Square Love Cross, Puffed Love Heart, Bicyclist, Golf Clubs, Golf Cart, Tennis Racket, Bumble Bee, Beehive, Dogs.

Call or email for more information and prices.

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